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2024 March Madness Contest Standings (Sweet 16)

Our agency is having their 123th annual March Madness Pool! This year is by far our most participation ever! We'll give away prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, as well as a free random prize drawing! We would like to thank everyone for participating and hope it's a fun experience! Here are the standings as we head into the Sweet 16.

2024 March Madness Pool Standings: (Sweet 16)

1. Rylee Sagester: 50

2. Kevin C. Burns: 49

Dian Day

Johnny Myers

Eli Ferguson

Mindy Brower

Chris Day

Claire Henson

Cash Smith

Elli Pickerell

Dustin Ferguson

3. Leslie Bassler: 48

Kelley Crutcher

Troy Hypes

4. Bob Brower: 47

John Link

Kasie Vorhis

Carrie Heisele

5. Julia Crutcher: 46

Nikki Barnhart

Kellee Marker

Mara Brumbaugh

Josh Wolf

Chris Chiudioni

Johnah Langley

Jarrod Brumbaugh

Dane Brumbaugh

6. Trey Sagester: 45

Gene Marker

Syndey Brower

Graham Ferguson

Callie McAlpine

Luke Bromagen

Brian Link

Jason Hypes

7. Andy Mitchell: 44

Josh Sagester

Mandy Ferguson

Jamie Day

Kali Maggard

8. Derek Day: 43

Corey Whipp

Brian Smith

Matt Schmidt

Micah Pickerell

Sarah Pickerell

Zach Goeke

Marty Cole

Gracen Vorhis

Christy Unger

9. Sean Bassler: 42

Carson Brower

Shawn Bromagen

Laurie Bromagen

Dustin Knoedler

Stephanie Vorhis

David Marker

Dean Maggard

Matt Schatzke

10. Brooklyn Bromagen: 41

Kelsie Maggard

Peyton Myers

Jami Smith

11. Jill Brumbaugh: 40

Brady Pickerell

Matt Griggs

12. Matt McAlpine: 39

Lauren Hypes

Chad Vorhis

Cory Bassler

Shelby Sagester

Kyler Maggard

13. Brooklyn Crutcher: 37

14. Lily Vorhis: 31

15. Jaden Vorhis: 30

Tate Vorhis

Nora Crutcher

Office Staff:

1. Vanna White: 46

2. Steve Unger: 45

Carol Unger

Rick Pickerell

3. Traci Sagester: 44

4. Brad Unger: 43

Delores Marker

Debbie Marker


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