2020 Free Football Pick 'Em: Week 1 Results

Thank you to everyone participating in our 9th Annual Free Football Pick 'Em! The winner in Week 1 receives a $25 BW3's Gift Card. We would like to thank everyone for participating! Remember to share this with anyone as it's free to play. Stay tuned for the Week 2 games! With that said, here are the Week 1 results: 2020 Football Pick 'Em: Week 1 Results Christy Unger: 13 Rylee Sagester: 12 Jamie Day: 12 Shelby Sagester: 11 Trey Sagester: 11 Josh Sagester: 11 Sean Bassler: 11 Lauren Hypes: 11 Jason Hypes: 11 David Marker: 11 Matt Schmidt: 11 Chad Vorhis: 10 Bob Brower: 10 Adam Cobb: 10 Leslie Bassler: 10 Dan Shank: 10 Shawn Bromagen: 10 Adam Pitsinger: 10 Jeff Michael:

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