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P O I N T   A   T O   P O I N T   B  

H A S   N E V E R   B E E N   S A F E R.

 W H E R E V E R  Y O U   G O ,  W E ' V E  G O T  Y O U   C O V E R E D .




How much life insurance do I need?  How long do I need life insurance? These are difficult questions to answer. Planning for the future can be difficult, but the experienced agents at Roselius Insurance Agency are available to assist you. Our team understands the life insurance market and can find the right plan to fit your specific needs. You should be able to spend more time enjoying life, not pouring over life insurance illustrations. Let us do the work for you. We have access to a variety of life insurance products including, but not limited to:

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Universal Life Insurance

No one looks forward to living in a nursing home, but as many as 7 in 10 senior citizens will require some long term care in their lifetime. If you don’t plan for your future independence now, this can create a financial hardship later in life. At Roselius Insurance Agency, we can help you with the planning process by offering you Long Term Care Insurance. This policy is designed to help you offset the soaring costs of long term care. In addition, we have access to Keystone Insurers Group’s Benefits Division, which has professionals who specialize in writing long term care. Let us help you design the long-term care plan that is best for you.







Medical emergencies can occur at any time, and with the cost of health care on the rise, you can't take any chances.  With our agent's knowledge and experience, we'll take the confusion out of your health insurance planning.  We can help find coverage for doctor visits, prescriptions, medical testing, specialized care, and surgical procedures.  Although every health insurance policy is different, we can work with you to create a unique policy that best suits your lifestyle and needs.  Protect yourself with health insurance through Roselius Insurance Agency. 

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