2022 March Madness Pool (Final Standings)

Our agency is having their 11th annual March Madness Pool! We'll give away prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, as well as a free random prize drawing! We would like to thank everyone for participating and hope it's a fun experience! Here are the final standings and winners for this year:

2022 March Madness Pool Final Standings:

1. John Link: 75 ($50 Visa GC)

2. Amanda Ferguson: 68 ($25 BW3's GC)

3. Dan Shank: 67 (4 Dayton Dragon's Tickets)

*Random Prize Drawing: Stephanie Vorhis ($25 Buckeye Jake's GC)

Office Staff:

1. Debbie Marker: 65

2. Delores Marker: 52

3. Carol Unger: 52

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