2021 March Madness Pool Standings

Our agency is having their 10th annual March Madness Pool! We'll give away prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, as well as a free random prize drawing! We would like to thank everyone for participating and hope it's a fun experience! Here are the standings as we head into the Sweet 16.

2021 March Madness Pool Standings: (Sweet 16)

1. Rylee Sagester: 39

2. Diane Day: 38

3. Austin Barett: 37

Dean Maggard

Brooklyn Bromagen

Shawn Bromagen

Dustin Ferguson

Jeff Michael

Dan Shank

Julianne Shafer

Elli Pickerell

4. Kelsie Maggard: 36

Troy Hypes

Cash Smith

Kamryn Shafer

Lauryn Shafer

Myla Roberts

Eva Roberts

Matt Hodge

Brian Smith

5. Chris Day: 35

Kyler Maggard

Alyssa Clark

Gracen Vorhis

Owen Shafer

6. Dennis Rudy: 34

Jessie Reynolds

Luke Bromagen

Chad Vorhis

Lily Vorhis

Chris Kopf

Bob Brower

Matt Griggs

Rita Roberts

Brooklyn Shafer

Jaidyn Shafer

Shelby Sagester

Jamie Day

7. David Marker: 33

Jason Hypes

Lauren Hypes

Carson Brewer

Sean Bassler

8. Johnny Myers: 32

Jami Smith

9. Christy Unger: 31

Jim Gibbins

Sarah Pickerell

10. Trey Sagester: 30

Jaden Vorhis

11. Stephanie Vorhis: 29

12. Brady Pickerell: 28

13. Rosie Vorhis: 27

14. Kali Vorhis: 21


1. Vanna White: 38

2. Dave Roberts: 35

Delores Marker

3. Steve Unger: 34

Carol Unger

4. Traci Sagester: 31

5. Rick Pickerell: 30

Debbie Marker

Brad Unger

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