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Frozen Pipe Tips

Frozen Pipe Tips

The extreme cold temperatures are causing problems for residential and commercial property owners due to frozen pipes. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent this problem. So Roselius Insurance Agency would like to provide the following tips to help prevent Frozen Pipes:

  • 1. Keep The Heat On: Make sure to reset programmable thermostats so that heat remains steady throughout the day and night. Once outside temperatures warm up it is safe to resume an emergency conservation mode and reduce the heat when occupants are not in the building.

  • 2. Open Doors: Open cabinets, vanities and closets that house pipes on outside walls.

  • 3. Keep Warm Air Flowing: Place a small fan – NOT A SPACE HEATER – in front of these cabinets to blow warm air from the living space to cooler areas. Space heaters can be dangerous to use if not closely monitored and often not necessary.

  • 4. Keep Water Moving: Have a small, steady stream of water run continuously. A drip is not enough.

  • 5. Seal Cracks and Holes: Seal up cracks and holes that exist near pipes with caulk. This should be done on both interior and exterior walls.

  • 6. Add Extra Insulation: Pipes that are located in areas that aren't properly insulated, such as basements, may need extra insulation to keep from freezing.

As always, if you have a frozen pipe issue, contact our agency at 937-839-4661. If your issue is outside of our normal business hours, our insurance specialists can be reached at 1-855-ROSEINS (7673467).

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