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Halloween Safety Tips for Adults

Halloween Safety Tips for Adults

Be prepared to be overtaken by ghosts, goblins, and ghouls tomorrow night! Halloween is all about the kids but adults play an important part as well. It’s important to do what you can to keep those little Trick or Treaters safe! Follow these safety tips from our agency and keep the holiday trick free!

  • Keep your walkway clear of debris or tripping hazards. The last thing you want is a slip and fall by one of your little guests.

  • Help make your walkway and home well lit so children can see their way to your front door safely.

  • If you’re driving your children for Trick or Treat, pay close attention. Eliminate any distractions so you can keep your eyes on the road for any Halloween participants.

  • Like drivers, be an alert pedestrian when walking from house to house. If it’s dark, use a flashlight or reflective clothing.

  • Always inspect all candy that your children receive and never let them eat it prior to inpsection.

Our agents at Roselius Insurance Agency are dedicated to keeping the community safe from the worst case scenario. To do so, it is best to follow the tips listed above. The last thing you need is an accident or injury this Halloween!

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