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Severe Weather Awareness

Severe Weather Awareness

It’s hard to believe we’re needing to blog about severe weather in February, but with the recent warm temps, that’s exactly what we’re needing to do. Although we’ve had a warmer than average winter, we still have the occasional cold front that brings winter back into the fold. Often the warm temps and cold front do battle causing the increased likelihood of severe weather. So why should you worry about severe storms?

  1. Hail: Hail often is size of a golf ball and has been known to reach the size of a softball in severe cases. Hail causes more than $1 billion of damage to property and crops each year.

  2. Lightning: Lightening is known to cause 50+ fatalities a year and many more injuries. The damage from lightning to property often reaches $1 billion as well.

  3. Tornadoes: It’s no secret the amount of devastation and death that can result from tornadoes. Large tornadoes can have winds that exceed 200 mph, be over 1 mile wide, and can last as long as 50 miles.

As your trusted source for Ohio homeowner insurance, we feel it necessary to remind you of Severe Weather Awareness. Be sure to take the time to practice your preparedness incase severe weather approaches.

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