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Keeping You Cool When Nature Turns Up The Heat

Keeping You Cool When Nature Turns Up The Heat

At Roselius Insurance Agency, Inc. we aren’t just interested in protecting your property and investments; we’re interested in protecting your health as well! With the sudden increase in temperature this June, we felt it would be beneficial to give some heat safety tips to keep you and your family safe. Did you know that heat is the number top weather-related killer in the United States? The NOAA National Weather Service statistical data shows that heat causes more fatalities on a hot summer day per year than floods, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined. Based on the average from 1994 to 2003, excessive heat claimed 237 lives each year. By contrast, floods killed 84; tornadoes, 58; lightning, 63; and hurricanes, 18. With that said, what steps can you take to help prevent heat related illness? Here are few ideas that will help take the burn out of a hot summer day:

  • Increase the amount of fluids you drink during the course of the day. Your body needs water to keep cool. Don’t drink liquids that contain sugar or alcohol. Drinking liquids that contain sugar or alcohol actually cause you to lose more body fluid.

  • Dress for summer. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to help keep you cool.

  • If possible, stay in a well air conditioned place, preferably your residence. If you don’t have air conditioning, a fan may provide some relief from the high temperatures. If all else fails, a cool shower can help keep you cool temporarily. \

  • If you must be outside, limit your outdoor activity to morning and evening hours. Be sure to use sunscreen to protect yourself from being sunburned. Stay in a shaded area when possible. Reduce your strenuous activity.

  • Never leave any person or animal in a parked vehicle!

  • Certain people can be at higher risk for heat related illness. Be aware of:

  • People aged 65 or older

  • Infants and young children

  • People who have pulmonary or cardiac disorders

Taking these measures may be the difference between beating the heat or having a heat related illness. The best way to prevent heat related illness is always prevention.

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