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Grilling Safety

Grilling Safety

Now that summer is in full swing, grilling season is in full effect as well. As we continue to work with Ohio home insurance, we are constantly reminded of dangers associated with relatively harmless activities. Time outside with the family is priceless but there are also important steps to take to insure a safe cooking environment. While using your grill, there are safety measures that you should take in order to have a safe barbeque. Follow these few steps:

  1. First and foremost, barbecue grills should be kept on a level surface away from the house, garage, landscaping, and most of all, children. Cooking on a surface such as a paved patio, driveway, or deck stand to all be solid foundations.

  2. When using a gas grills, store your gas cylinder away from your house. When the gill isn’t being used, keep the valves turned off. It’s also important to check your propane tank and hoses for leaks prior to use.

  3. When using a charcoal grills, never add more liquid fuel than designated. It’s important to only use starter fluids that are meant for grilling. For instance, don’t use gasoline or other liquids as fire starters.

  4. Be sure to keep children away from a hot grill, even after grilling. As a standard, remember that grills remain hot long after you are through barbecuing.

  5. Don’t dispose of any remaining coals unless positive they have cooled. Using water will also help this process.

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