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Keeping Kids Safe On Their Bikes

Keeping Kids Safe On Their Bikes

School is out for summer! Many of us with children know that means our kids will be taking to the streets on their bicycles. Riding bikes is an American past time that’s enjoyed by children of all ages. We all want to let our kids have fun, but as parents, we also need to be concerned with keeping our kids safe while they enjoy riding their bikes. Here are a few bicycle safety tips to keep your kids safe during the warmer weather months:

  • Helmet: Easily one of the most important, and easiest, precautions you can take while riding your bike is putting on a helmet. Make sure it fits properly as well.

  • Maintain the Bike: Before the bike even hits the pavement, it’s smart to make sure all tires are filled properly, the seat it tight, the bike chain is tight, etc.

  • Rules of the Road: If your child isn’t going to ride on the sidewalk, make sure they understand the rules of the road. Make sure they understand to ride with the flow of traffic, stop at red lights and stop signs, and even to get over if necessary to avoid a car.

  • Reflectors: Chances are that many children will ride near dusk or at night which makes having a reflector essential. Reflectors on the bike are nice but even wearing reflective colored clothing can help.

There are many, many other ways to help to keep your kids safe while riding bikes this summer but our simple list will get you started. Enjoy all of the warm weather and stay safe!

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