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Inclement Weather and Insurance Contact Info

With the possibility of inclement weather due to this week's snowstorm, we wanted to remind everyone of the multiple avenues to contact us, or your carriers, in the event our office is closed. Our office can always be reached using our emergency phone number of 937-839-4661, Option #1. You can also reach Brad Unger via email at, Rick Pickerell can be reached via email at:

If you are in need of submitting a claim directly to your carrier, you can do so at the following phone numbers:

Cincinnati Insurance Company: 888-242-8811

Westfield: 877-787-9078

Auto-Owners: 517-323-1200

Donegal: 800-877-0600

Progressive: 800-776-4737

Ohio Mutual Insurance Group: 888-895-7725

Keystone National: 570-746-9545

Safeco: 800-332-3226

We hope that all of you are well prepared and safe during any potential inclement weather. If you are in need of any insurance help, don't hesitate to contact us at one of these options.


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