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2017 March Madness Contest Standings - Sweet Sixteen

Once again our agency has had an all time high in brackets submitted for our 6th annual March Madness Pool. We would like to thank everyone for participating and hope you all have fun! Through one weekend of the 2017 NCAA Tournament, we've had a lot of surprises. Here are the standings heading into the Sweet Sixteen:

2017 March Madness Contest Standings - Sweet Sixteen

1. Linda Wick: 52

Sarah Pickerell

2. Lauryn Shafer: 51

Dave Brunner

Brady Pickerell

3. Carol Unger: 50

Darrell Bitner

George Henry

Trey Sagester

4. Jaidyn Shafer: 49

Brooklyn Shafer

Myla Roberts

Eva Roberts

Melissa Rieger

Owen Shafer

Kamryn Shafer

Nikki Bennett

Christine Bitner

Bill Cressell

Andy Hakes

Rylee Sagester

5. Matt Towle: 48

Kyler Maggard

Dean Maggard

Jill Brumbaugh

Preble County Little Girls

Barb Gibbins

Dave Sizmore

Shelby Sagester

Robin McIntire

6. Aaron Faucett: 47

Henry Bright

Steve Unger

Bud Moore

Josh Sagester

7. Jarrod Brumbaugh: 46

Chris Day

Debbie Marker

Erickamarie Burk

Neil Wick

Chad Vorhis

Steve Crowe

Alan Webb

Betty Beneke

Gracen Vorhis

8. Pastor Reikard: 45

Mindy Swigart

Delores Marker

Vanna White

Rita Roberts

David Marker

Dave Marker

Leslie Bassler

Shelley Dougherty

Traci Sagester

9. Troy Hypes: 44

Helen Mullins

Stephanie Vorhis

Matt Schatzke

Jim Wick

Diane Day

Sean Bassler

Mike Stacey

Rick Pickerell

10. Dave Roberts: 43

Mandy Bishop

Kelsey Maggard

Missy Davis

Brad Unger

Sewell Day

11. Eddie Ramps: 42

Cole Bishop

Loren Bishop

Tom Mitchell

12. Tommy Hayes: 41

Jonathan Rieger

Caden Bishop

Mark McIntire

13. Jason Hypes: 40

Matt Griggs

Christy Unger

Jaden Vorhis

Brenda Sizemore

Joyce Combs

Connie Hakes

14. Jim Giggins: 39

15. Marcia Adams: 38

Brianne Reynolds

16. Ben Bitner: 37

17. Jacob Unger: 35

18. Steve Bitner: 30

Staff Picks:

1. Carol Unger: 50

2. Steve Unger: 47

3. Debbie Marker: 46

4. Delores Marker: 45

Traci Sagester

5. Rick Pickerell: 44

6. Dave Roberts: 43

Brad Unger

7. Tommy Hayes: 41


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