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2019 March Madness Contest Standings: Sweet 16

Once again our agency has had an all time high in brackets submitted for our 8th annual March Madness Pool. We've had over 100 entries! We would like to thank everyone for participating and hope it's a fun experience! Through one weekend of the 2019 NCAA Tournament, there haven't been too many suprises. Here are the standings heading into the Sweet 16 for our Top 31 scorers. For the most part, everyone is still alive. Here are the standings:

2019 March Madness Contest Standings - Sweet Sixteen

1. Troy Hypes: 54

Mark McIntire

2. "B": 53

3. Ginny Schenck: 52

George Henry

4. Josh Sagester: 51

Paul Henry

5. Brady Pickerell: 50

Lauryn Shafer

Erika Wick

Matt Schatzke

Lauren Hypes

Dean Maggard

6. Jaidyn Shafer: 49

David Marker

Shawn Bromagen

Rylee Sagester

7. Brooklyn Bromagen: 48

Kamryn Shafer

Sean Bassler

Rita Roberts

Adam Pitsinger

Neil Wick

Betty Beneke

8. Myla Roberts: 48

Eva Roberts

9. Owen Shafer: 47

Cory Bassler

Trey Sagester

Buddy Moore

Steve Ward

Office Staff:

1. Tommy Hayes: 53

2. Dave Roberts: 51

3. Traci Sagester: 50

4. Vanna White: 49

Rick Pickerell

Steve Unger

5. Delores Marker: 48

Brad Unger

6. Carol Unger: 46

7. Debbie Marker: 43

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