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4 Useful Things To Keep In Your Car

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Driving on the road often comes with many unexpected surprises and hassles. The following list covers four essential items to have in your car. Multi-Tool A pocket size multi-tool has plenty of versatile functions for drivers. For example, pliers are available for convenient handling of loose wires and other components under the hood. Scissors and … More

Do You Know What To Do If Your Car Is Stolen?

Category: Blog

Calling the local police department is an obvious reaction to the theft of a car. However, owners of stolen vehicles need to take proactive approaches in trying to find the missing cars. If a person believes that his or her car is stolen, it’s important to have some confidence in the recovery process. Video surveillance … More

4 Things First Time Renters Should Know

Category: Blog

Renting an apartment for the first time will change the way you live. It provides you with more freedom and independence. Renting also comes with new challenges and responsibilities. There are four things first time renters should know. A Realistic Budget Is Needed First You need to develop a realistic budget before hunting for apartments. … More

Four Ways To Save Money On Your Vacation

Category: Blog

Vacations are important because they allow us to take a break from the hassles of everyday living. However, many people break the bank while they are on vacation. Fortunately, there are ways that you can save on your vacation-related expenses. Below are some tips that will help you cut your vacation expenses: Consider Your Transportation … More

Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

Category: Blog

Phishing scams are scary for a lot of Internet users because they are so easy to fall for. Because they can take the shape of any previously trusted website, they can fool even the most experienced user. With the ever-rising rate of identity theft in America, most people are rightfully skeptical about anything that asks … More

2014 Coloring Contest

Category: BlogContest

Our 2014 Coloring Contest has concluded! We thank all of the many entries we received this year. We would also like to thank The West Alexandria Public Library for helping us once again with entries. Here’s a video with a few entries and our winners are announced!

5 Tips For Advertising Your Open Apartment

Category: Blog

The advertisement you create for your open apartment needs to be crafted very carefully. A good advertisement can attract a large number of top-quality tenants. Poorly done ads could just waste time due to misunderstandings. These five tips will help you when advertising your open apartment: Include Every Detail Possible The first tip is to … More

3 Tips For First Time Motorcyclists This Summer

Category: Blog

If you’re a first time motorcycle owner, it can be tempting to hit the road immediately this summer. After all, you want nothing more than to feel the wind on your face as you coast down the highway, right? It’s better to wait and make sure your bike is ready to hit the road before … More

5 Safety Tips for Older Drivers

Category: Blog

As we age, many things can begin to affect our driving skills. It is important to know and understand what we can do to keep ourselves mentally focused when behind the wheel. Schedule Regular Doctor Visits To ensure the safety of yourself and others, start by keeping up with your doctor visits. Get your eyes … More

Top Three Camping Tips for Families

Category: Blog

One of the great joys in life is taking a family on a camping trip. A time for learning and for fun in equal measure, camping can teach us and our children much about life. Here are just a few tips on how to make your camping trip a success. 1. Look for Positive Reinforcement … More

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